TJKWS®, a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, focusing on urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, and intelligent design; professional design and construction of garden ancient architectural engineering; smart media design and production; intelligent digital exhibition design and construction; the company has exhibition and display engineering The first-level qualification for design and construction integration, the first-level qualification for exhibition engineering enterprises, the second-level qualification for intelligent electricity, and the second-level qualification for building decoration and decoration.

In recent years, Shanghai Keweis Engineering Design Co., Ltd. has repeatedly undertaken EPC contracts for various exhibition halls, industrial complexes, landscape planning and other large-scale projects, which have been highly praised by the owners. Headquartered in Shanghai, the core city of China's economy, the company is jointly founded by professors and doctors from Tongji University, Tsinghua University and The University of California, Berkeley, with the technical strength and experience of the world's top and innovative intelligent design and engineering practice. At present, the company has more than 60 designers and intelligent engineers at home and abroad.

TJKWS adheres to the unique concept of constant maintenance of the company, gathers the international elite team, and strives to create the most cutting-edge innovative intelligent technology design works.